A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Made for the Fuck This Jam, wanted to do an RTS, because fuck you that's why. No, seriously, there's maybe 10 hours of work and WHOLE CODE IS A MESS.

Goal is simple : kick red team's ass. No wait up for unit creations, controls are kinda edgy and income is automatic (+$200 every two seconds) + you get money for killing units. Game is over when both yours or red team's buildings are down.

AI is stupid, but agressive. Don't blink.

Check out the post mortem on my blog for more info on how this happened.

Hit me up on twitter if you want to talk : http://twitter.com/tuxication

Install instructions

This is made with Unity3D. Due to the extensive use of right click, I didn't do a web version. There is a Windows, Mac and Linux x86 release, so everyone gets it! Basically : just decompress where you want and launch the exe, and voilà!


  • Left click(+optional drag) : select multiple units
  • Right click : attack target or move selected units to clicked position
  • Alt-f4 : quit the game. Yes, I just realized there's no exit button.


Windows 5 MB
Linux x64 8 MB
MacOS X 9 MB